Blog 4: Hocus Pocus… Where is our Focus? 26/1/23

Home is our heart, isn’t it? We try to believe this and most of the time we really do 😉. How come that our heart is our home while we still live so many moments each day in our head, the attic of our body? We ‘live‘ there or do we ‘survive’ there?

Once upon a time there was a little girl who needed to do everything as good as she could. She believed by excelling at everything she would be ‘honoured ‘and accepted. It’s such a wonderous thing, how the patterns of the mind can trap us for long, long times.

As soon as we come down into the living room, a scanner becomes full blown active: is the dishwasher already cleaned out? Do the plants need water? Should I throw these old birthday cards now or not yet? What do I really want with this pile of papers /admin stuff, etc. Every time our eyes gaze into this world they have an ‘opportunity’ to connect with something outside of ourselves. Something that catches our attention right away. Is this something we really need? Something we really want? Anand Devi (our Higher Self) doubts this. Our Avatar Esther also believes it less and less 😉. Luckily something steady is always there to fall back into. It’s the Essence of what we are, it’s our Soul.

Every time we get distracted – because this is what the eyes do as soon as they open – we can gear ourselves back to What We Really Want To Do 🙂! Ahh, we wanted to sit first quietly with a cup of tea, first we wanted to Connect Inside, before everything else starts. This is an essential realisation, it’s called Realisation of Self, or Self-Realisation. We do this on a continues basis.

Are we still where we want to be? Do we need to gear or re-direct ourselves again?  Ah, Hocus Pocus… Where is our Focus? Our Focus… it seems to be so easy to direct it at things that might not be so relevant, at least not in this Here and Now. We can choose to water the plants later today, but first we need to finish our administration (that is already pretty due…. 😉).

We need to magically gear our attention back to what is really needed in the Here and Now. Every time we get distracted by objects or sounds outside of ourselves, our fresh morning mind trends to get scattered. The sooner we can focus her again, the more she will learn to gain momentum and really start Serving us.

The Mind is a great tool! She should just not be randomly run by distracting environments, tasks or thoughts. She should be run by our Soul to perform things or achieve something. This is called our Higher Mind, or our Divine Quantum Computer. She can do so many more divine things for us, if we allow her to stay aligned with the Essence of what we are, a Soul.

Once Soul and Higher Mind really start to thrive and connect or a deeper level, life becomes Effortless… One big Floww of Divine Consciousness. This is what I – as Anand Devi – am gearing for. A Higher Mind is a large gift, also when we need to do our administration, (which is actually NOW – we got slightly distracted by the Essence of our Soul 😉).

Thank you for allowing your Higher Mind to step forward and guide you in your life. She has the best intention for you without tiring or distracting you. Allow her to step forward by tuning into your highest vibration, right at the start of your day: “Dear higher mind, what shall we do today in our Highest Good…?” See what comes…

And don’t get distracted… 😉.

Hocus Pocus… Focus!

Blessings & Namasté,

Esther Anand Devi