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20 november 2020 - 20:0012,50 This event has passed

Contact maken met je Lichaamsbewustzijn

Hoe voelt je lichaam aan op dit moment? Waar bevindt je adem zich? Kun je je spieren wat laten ontspannen? Hoe voelt je hoofd? Ons lichaam is een intelligent wezen. Het heeft haar eigen bewustzijn. En dat communiceert de hele dag met je. Het geeft je signalen zodat jij (als ziel) en je lichaam een zo goed mogelijk team kunnen…
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22 oktober 2020 - 20:0015,00 This event has passed

Inner Harmony with Quan Yin & Crystal Singing Bowls

Let yourself be taken onto a magical journey of Crystal Sounds and energies from beloved Master Quan Yin! Tonight will be a beautiful co-creation with Michaela Kress who plays the Crystal Singing Bowls for you! Before Esther will invite beloved Master Quan Yin – the Goddess of Compassion – we use the power of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to get…
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1 oktober 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Dragon Body Activation

Dragons! Do they really exist…? Or just in fairy tales…? And where do fairy tales come from actually…?  If anyone would have told me a few years ago I would be working with ETs and Dragons I would have given them a funny look 😉 Nowadays, I have opened up so much towards our multidimensional nature that I can embrace…
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2 september 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Full Moon – Online ET Healing

Do you want to receive a lovely energetic boost, upgrade and clearance at this Full Moon without having to leave your home for it? Then this is your place to be :)! Our dear ET Nommos guides from Sirius B will come to you in this online event to give you the support you need in that particular moment. Enjoy…
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5 augustus 2020 - 20:0012,50 This event has passed

Contact maken met je Hogere Zelf

Je hebt het vast vaker gehoord, het begrip ‘Hogere Zelf’, maar wat is dat nu precies? Je Hogere Zelf is niet per sé ‘hoger’ en daardoor ‘ver weg’ of ‘onbereikbaar’ wat we wel eens kunnen denken. Je Hogere Zelf is eigenlijk juist heel dichtbij ❤. Het is je ware aard, jouw essentie van wijsheid, onvoorwaardelijke liefde en compassie. Het is een…
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21 juli 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Channeling with Inner Earth Woman Lacerta

Have you ever wondered whether there could be life inside the Earth…?  There’s many stories and books written on this topic of life on other planes of existence in Inner Earth, often referred to as Agartha (continent) and Shamballa (capital). Approximately 1.5 year ago we contacted Inner Earth Lizard Woman Lacerta, based on profound information we found on her on…
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5 juli 2020 - 08:0012 juli 2020 - 22:00750,00 There are no ticket available at this time.

Spiritual Journey to the Bosnian Pyramids & Tunnels

Join us on this amazing journey to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex! The Bosnian Pyramids are the oldest pyramids found on Earth thus far, a true powerplace that is awakening more and more..! Experience: A Reset for your Body Soul Food for your Spirit Connecting with Mother Earth, the Schuman Resonance and other Dimensions..! More information see our flyer: Bosnia 2020…
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19 juni 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Solstice Soundhealing & Energybody Upgrade with the Sirians

Join us on a beautiful journey of sound and higher dimensional frequencies to prepare your body for this upcoming solstice! My dear ET (extraterrestrial) guides from Sirius B will guide this session. There will be some introductory channeling about the current situation on Earth, a sound healing with ET sounds and tones followed by an upgrade of your lightbody (MerKaBa).…
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29 mei 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Channeling with Mother Earth (Gaia)

Mother Earth loves to connect with you! Curious about the request she has for all of us..? Since a few years I have the honour of channeling a host of different beings. Tonight you will be able to meet in a different way with our grand big Mother: Mother Earth, also known as Gaia. She is a beautiful organism with a…
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