We regularly host events, which are currently all virtual, online sessions.

Upcoming events

21 juli 2020 - 20:0010,00 100 tickets available

Channeling with Inner Earth Woman Lacerta

Have you ever wondered whether there is life inside the Earth…?  There’s many stories and books written on this topic of life on other planes of existence in Inner Earth, often referred to as Agartha (continent) and Shamballa (capital). Approximately 1.5 year ago we contacted Inner Earth Lizard Woman Lacerta, based on profound information we found on her on YouTube.…
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Past events

19 juni 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Solstice Soundhealing & Energybody Upgrade with the Sirians

Join us on a beautiful journey of sound and higher dimensional frequencies to prepare your body for this upcoming solstice! My dear ET (extraterrestrial) guides from Sirius B will guide this session. There will be some introductory channeling about the current situation on Earth, a sound healing with ET sounds and tones followed by an upgrade of your lightbody (MerKaBa).…
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29 mei 2020 - 20:0010,00 This event has passed

Channeling with Mother Earth (Gaia)

This event has passed, but was recorded. The recording is available here! Mother Earth loves to connect with you! Curious about the request she has for all of us..? Since a few years I have the honour of channeling a host of different beings. Tonight you will be able to meet in a different way with our grand big Mother: Mother…
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