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If you dare to let your heart guide you, the universe starts working with you to make your dreams come true…

Welcome 🙂 ! You are probably visiting my website because you’re open to a new form of healing to support your well being and personal growth.

Due to large amounts of requests I have a client stop for 1-1- sessions. However, we do have monthly Zoom Events (English and multidimensional ;)), that are amazing Energy Upgrades. Check out the Events Page for the Galactic Council Activations!

Energy work can be a very powerful tool to support our different bodies – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body – to regain balance. Maybe you sometimes feel like you lost a part of yourself? Or you regularly feel tense, ill, depressed or angry and want this to be different. Do you sense you could grow and heal more to really live your life to your fullest potential? Do you have an open heart and mind for a new approach?

ET Healing

I practice different types of healing that can support you in your wellbeing. The most powerful form I work with are ET Healings. These are healings together with a team of ExtraTerrestrials. This might sound a bit like a far-from-your-bed-show 😉 Which it kind of is since my ET guide David is from Sirius B, the sun revolving around the star Sirius. We know Sirius as the brightest star in our sky.

Some things are beyond our ability to understand, and yet they happen nevertheless” ~ Adrian Dvir

About the ET’s

Like you and I, the ET’s are from flesh and blood. They have their own DNA. Regarding technology, they are hundreds of years more advanced than we are. From a parallel dimension, they can perform complex operations on us and help us heal. Because time in their dimension is perceived differently, an ET healing of one hour is approximately seven hours in their dimension.

ET Healings are powerful healings. The effects can occur immediately, such as pain relief or improved mood. Sometimes it takes more time for the effects to settle in. This is because the changes continue to work through on us energetically.

An ET Healing is a great addition to regular therapies and will support further healing and growth.

During the session

During the session, you will lay on a massage table in comfortable clothing. After we’ve discussed your questions I will connect to my ET guide and team. They will guide me in your energy field where we will jointly bring more balance.

You can experience all sorts of sensations during the session e.g. tingling, images or twitching body parts as the electromagnetic currents are moving through. Everything you experience is part of the healing. Just observe what is there and use your breath and intention to let go and heal 🙂

You can trust that you receive the proper healing at the proper time.


Since 2017 the ET’s (and other energy forms) speak through me out loud about what they see in your field and what they would like to do to bring balance (this is called Channeling). You can ask your questions to them and I will channel their answers. With your permission I will record the session and send it to you afterwards. This way you can relisten to the information and experience the energies again when you are at home.

After the session

Afterwards, most people feel very relaxed and lighter. It is important to drink a lot of water to flush out the toxins. Sometimes people report a slight headache or feeling tired. That’s a sign of detoxing and healing and it will pass. It is nice if you have time afterwards to really feel into what happened and give your body time to adjust to the changes. Be gentle with yourself 🙂


A full session, including a talk beforehand and afterwards, is approximately 2-3 hours and costs € 200 in The Netherlands, $ 215 in the US and 200 CHF in Switzerland.

Locations & Options:

  • The Netherlands: Goedestraat 122 bis | 3572 RZ Utrecht (till Feb 2024).
  • Switzerland: Oberdorfstrasse 11 | 8505 Dettighofen (TG) | few times a year (next one is April 2024).
  • Distance Healing: an ET Healing is also possible on a distance (costs approx. €111). This includes channeled information and an audio recording.
  • Channeling session on Zoom: if you just want a Channeling with room for interaction and questions (e.g. of your Higher Self, Body Consciousness, Inner Child, Guide, Deceased Loved One, etc.) we can meet on Zoom (costs €150 for 1.5 hour). 

Experiences with ET Healings

  • EstherEstherPersonal experience with the ET Healings by Haggai Katz

    Haggai Katz isone of the world’s most wellknown healers who is working with medical teams of ExtraTerrestrials. Since I met Haggai in 2014 – after a strong ‘pull’ to contact him – I have received many sessions from him and his ET team. Every time, these are very strong experiences that keep gaining in strength and intensity. The sessions gradually increased my vibration – and thereby my level of consciousness. My ‘channel’ has opened up more and more, helping me grow and supporting me in becoming a better healer as well. The sessions trigger the awakening of my kundalini energy – a huge energy potential, present in every human being, usually lying dormant at the base of our spine. When I receive an ET Healing (usually from my own team these days ;)) the energy starts to flow through my entire body in waves or snakelike movements from base to crown.

    My heart space has opened up more and more, making it so much easier to participate in life from a place of love, faith and a sense of surrender. I experience little fear and restlessness these days, despite of all the turmoil in the world. It’s become much easier to surrender to the flow of life, trusting everything unfolds exactly as it should.. I now know from personal experience that we are being taken care of by beautiful beings and forces and that we are all here with a purpose.

    If you dare to let your heart guide you, the universe will start working with you to help you realize your dreams. From contemplation to manifestation! I saw it happening in the process of my healing practice Sanistrella coming into being!

    Since the end of 2017 my channel has opened that much that the ET's can now communicate by speaking through me, what an amazing experience and wealth of information that is coming through! I usually work with my three 'fixed' guides Armind, Ka & David from Sirius B. On other occasions I work with other races e.g. the Arcturians, Tall Ones & Ancients. Deeply grateful for this amazing journey with our beloved star-friends ❤!

    Will you come by to meet them too?

  • FrediFrediüber ET Heilung

    "Heilung im Licht der Liebe."
    Ich hatte bis jetzt zwei Healing Sessions bei Esther, die sehr unterschiedlich waren.
    Bei der ersten Session war ich in einer tiefen, aber hellwachen Entspannung und spürte eine sehr feine Energie.
    Diese Energie löste in mir dann in den nächsten Wochen einen grossen Energieschub aus.
    Bei der zweiten Session war alles intensiver und konkreter. Ich wurde bei jedem Schritt der Heilung von den ET’s um Erlaubnis gefragt.
    Das gab mir viel Vertrauen und ich konnte mich der liebe- und lichtvollen Energie ganz leicht öffnen und hingeben.
    Mein Wunsch war es, Licht in die Dunkelheit zu bringen, die ich in mir spürte. Wow, das war so erstaunlich!!
    Ich konnte in meinem Körper spüren, wie das Licht in mich hineinflutete…. Wahnsinn!
    Es geschah Heilung auf der körperlichen Ebene und eine Öffnung in neue Dimensionen des Bewusstseins…
    So konkret es auch war, gleichzeit war da immer auch eine Dimension jenseits meiner bewussten Wahrnehmung… Magic!
    Der Höhepunkt waren dann noch die Heilgesänge der ET’s ! Das geht voll rein!!
    Ich freue mich schon sehr auf die nächste Session!

  • AdrianAdrianabout ET Healing

    I felt good during and after the session. Nicely grounded and relaxed.
    For the questions I had, I received answers from my higher self.
    The energy star which was put in my field during the session in the knee area has a good effect.
    Afterwards I talked to the entity which transmitted the star.
    She is an old friend of mine from the 4th dimension and carries also the dragon energy.

    An additional energy body has been activated in the days after the session which consists of an original light of creation.
    It has a strong clearing effect, which will certainly be useful in my healing work.

    Thank you for your work.

  • Gregor (Zürich)Gregor (Zürich)about ET Healing

    I have received several ET-healings on site and a few distance healings from Esther. Normally I don’t have strong impressions during distance healings, but with the ET’s I always got very distinct and strong sensations in my body. I sensed them working on my head, my heart chakra or on my knee, depending on the task at hand. And I clearly sensed when the work started and finished, truly amazing!

    All healing-sessions have been different and very intense. After each session I was strongly transformed. New areas of awareness opened up. The energies stayed with me for at least a day and reduced my problems or increased my capabilities. All my friends that have received a session were amazed. I can highly recommend it!

  • A.S. aus ZürichA.S. aus Zürichüber ET Heilung

    Liebe Esther, hab vielen Dank für diese so interessante und wohltuende Erfahrung von neulich. Ich schätzte die entspannte Atmosphäre in deinem Raum sowie die feine und professionelle Art von dir. Die Aussagen deiner ET-Freunde waren so wertschätzend, klar und überraschend humorvoll! Ich fühlte mich sehr herzlich behandelt und wahrgenommen: Die körperlich-energetischen „Diagnosen“ waren nachvollziehbar und zutreffend, die Interventionen - zu denen auch immer mein Einverständnis erfragt wurde – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes einleuchtend und sehr energievoll. Sicher wurden weitere Blockaden gelöst, meine energetisch-spirituelle Öffnung und Entfaltung mehr angeregt, und ein Teil meiner Schmerzen ging nach dieser einen Behandlung vorbei. Geschätzt habe ich auch die unterstützenden Ideen zu meiner weiteren Entwicklung im beruflichen Alltag. Die Anregungen waren konkret, einfach und nützlich! Auch da zeigen sich bereits erfreuliche Resultate!

  • Barbara Emmerson (Canada)Barbara Emmerson (Canada)about ET Healing

    I thoroughly enjoyed my ET healing session with Esther.  I am a Reiki Master and so familiar with working with energy and also receiving and giving reiki treatments.  This session with Esther was different, but similar.  Energy is an amazing subject and Esther certainly has a gift.  I myself had a wonderful sensation of floating.  I also felt the sensation of tipping backwards a bit even though I was lying down.  Later Esther explained that they were working on my Crown Chakra area.  This made perfect sense of my experience.  I felt so very light and good all over.  All in all a great experience as I felt fantastic during and afterwards.  I would highly recommend a session with Esther as the treatment is awesome and the personal message given to me was lovely too.

  • RosinaRosinaüber ET Heilung

    In einer ET Behandlung bei Esther wurde eine Blockade in meinem Kronenchakra gelöst, anschliessend spürte ich wie die Energie wieder ungehindert fliessen konnte. Auch Meridiane wurden therapiert. Schwierige und nicht zu mir gehörende Energien können losgelassen werden und Seelenanteile wieder heimkehren. Diese Erfahrungen waren sehr eindrücklich, herzlichen Dank Esther.

  • SabinaSabinaabout ET Healing

    I’m so glad that I took an ET Healing Session by Esther. During the whole session I felt a tingling, energetic sensation in my whole body. I never felt something like that for almost 90 Minutes! What the ET said to me through Ester was very touching and encouraging.
    The ET, with his loving and clear energy imbud my cell with a new information of beauty and hope that accompany me ever since. The session by Esther opened my heart to a new dimension of possibilities and being. It enabled a new shift in my self love and a deeper connection with my inner power and guide. Thank you Esther for your amazing work!


How did you get into touch with the ET’s?

In 2014 I read about an Israeli healer – Chagai Katz – who at the time had been working with medical teams of extraterrestrials for almost 15 years. I immediately felt intrigued and felt a strong wish to meet him, as if something in me was awakened that told me I would do this work as well. That was at least my sincere wish. For years, I had already had a fascination for energy work, crop circles, UFO’s and extraterrestrial life. This was probably not without a reason…

When I met Chagai he said the ET’s recognized me and wanted to work with me too! I was thrilled 🙂 !! After regular energetic ‘upgrades’, I was introduced to my personal ET guide – David – with whom I started working. The healings seem to have become more powerful as I work with them for a longer period now. It’s so amazing to see the beautiful healings people experience and the profound impact it makes when people experience we are truly beings of light and energy and not just flesh and blood. I am deeply grateful I may be a channel for these healing energies.

Remarkable: in 2012 I received a reading from a Dutch medium who predicted my connection with Sirius would be reestablished. At the time, I could not foresee that indeed 2 years later I would start working with ET’s with my guide from Sirius B!

Who are the ET’s and where do they come from?

The ET’s – or ExtraTerrestrials – are beings from approximately 50 different planets in our Universe, amongst which Sirius (B). All stars we see in the sky are in fact suns, often with planets revolving around them, just like Earth is revolving around our Sun. If we try to look at the vastness of our Universe (can we do this at all?!) it becomes more imaginable there must be other life out there. The Universe is simply too big to only allow life on Earth.

Like you and I the ET’s are of flesh and blood. They have organs and DNA. Their DNA contains more building blocks than our human DNA. Regarding technology, they are hundreds of years more advanced than we are. The ET medical teams consist of doctors, scientists and psychologists. They communicate with each other and with us via telepathic thought waves. These waves travel faster than the speed of light. Because the ET’s are much more developed and take good care of their home planets, they know little disease and can become hundreds of years old.

Do the ET’s mean well with us?

The ET’s we work with as ET Healers definitely mean well with us 🙂 Given their more advanced technology and a higher level of vibration we could look at them as our older brothers and sisters. They want to guide us in our development and that of the Earth. Everything is connected and planet Earth also plays an important role in the Universe. For decades, humans have been exploiting the Earth. The effects are becoming clearer every day, such as pollution, climate change and more natural disasters. Our ET friends want to assist us in improving health and balance on Earth. It’s comparable with community work that we do e.g. in Africa to support more health and growth for people that need it.

The ET’s come to help us because we ask for help. Who doesn’t want the chaos and turmoil on Earth to settle and come back to balance? However, they always respect our free will and will not in any way try to scare us. This is one of the reasons they have been showing themselves to us on a small scale only. They first want us to get used to the idea that life outside Earth might be possible. With our 3D consciousness, this is still often hard to understand.

What can I experience during an ET Healing?

During the healing, the ET’s first perform a scan on your entire body and aura field. Next, they continue the treatment. They know exactly in which order they need to work. You can experience different sensations. It’s possible that your body starts feeling very heavy or that it feels like floating. You can experience tinglings, pressure, warmth, cold, itching, prickling or electrical currents. It’s also possible that you experience twitches or movements in body parts as the electrical currents flow through. You can see colours and changes in light intensity while your eyes are closed. Also, images can pop up or emotions. Sometimes people see (part of) the ET’s with their third eye or receive clear messages.

Everything you experience is OK and part of the treatment. You can trust you’re in good hands and that the ET’s know exactly what healing is suitable for you at this current moment.

What do I need to do during an ET Healing?

You can relax on the table with your eyes closed and observe what you are experiencing in your (energy) body. Sometimes I will ask you to use your breath to get the flow of energy moving. It’s also useful to have a clear intention for the session. What would you like to heal? Intention gives direction to our consciousness and is a very powerful tool for healing, especially when it comes from the heart. What’s your sincere wish? This way you do not just ‘passively’ receive a healing, but you are more actively involved in healing yourself.

We do this together, You, Me, our ET friends and other beautiful forces in the Universe that are here to guide us.

Do I need to give permission for an ET Healing?

Before we start our session, I will ask you to give permission to the ET’s to work on you. They will only work on you after your personal consent. In the case of children, you as a parent can give consent for the healing.

What can the ET’s do for me?

The ET’s can do a lot. Their technology is way beyond that of ours. Despite this, they will not perform operations our own doctors could do, this could disrupt normal society. So in case of a broken leg, it’s important to go to the hospital first.

What the ET’s do – in the energy bodies – is for example:

  • Cleaning and repairing organs
  • Clearing the blood
  • Relieving pain symptoms and other ailments
  • Work at the nervous system
  • Releasing emotional blockages
  • Help you with letting go of old, restricting thought patterns
  • Repairing your aura and chakras (energy centers along the spine)
  • Resolving past life karma
  • Removing entities or energetic parasites
  • Soul retrieval

The ET’s only work in the energy bodies, not directly in the physical body. The adjustments made in the energy body can indirectly influence the body on the physical level and support healing.

How fast can I expect results from an ET Healing?

The effects of an ET Healing can be noticeable within a day, for example in pain reduction or improved mood. Often it takes several weeks to months before the effect of the session(s) are at full power. This is because the ET’s work on our energetic blueprint – the hologram – from another dimension. It takes time before the effects of the higher dimensions (10D) have completely manifested in our third dimension (3D).

The ET’s emphasize that we as humans also have the responsibility for our own health. It is important to look at the things we can do ourselves to improve our health, such as a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. They stress the importance of keeping our spine as flexible as possible, e.g. by doing twists and bends as in yoga.

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on your question or amount of complaints how many sessions you will need. Often 3 to 5 sessions can really help you to improve. Sometimes one session already clears up a lot. Regularly, our ET friends give a suggestion of how many sessions they recommend for your specific issue and what the frequency of visits should more or less be. Often there can be several weeks in between the sessions (e.g. 3-6 weeks).

It’s also important to feel for yourself if – and if yes, when – you can use a follow-up session to support your process.

The sessions continue to build upon each other. They will support you in gradually increasing your frequency and clean up your system. This way it will become more and more easy to be the You that you really are 🙂

Are ET Healings suitable for children?

ET Healings are suitable for adults as well as children. Children with developmental disorders can benefit much from ET Healings. The ET’s can clean up the energy field of your child helping them to be more grounded. Children often respond faster to treatment, since their time on Earth has been relatively short resulting in less distortions of the energy bodies. Children are often sensitive to the healings and experience all sorts of sensations during the treatment.

If your child is below the age of 18 I will ask you as a parent/caretaker to give permission for the session. The healing can take place in the evening – on a distance – when your child is sleeping. When your child is old enough to understand a bit about receiving a healing session, you can of course also choose to discuss it with your child and ask them what they would like to ask our ET friends. The healing is often an exciting event for a child, in a positive way.

How does an ET Distance Healing work?

An ET Healing can also take place on a distance. The ET’s will then just come to you 😊! We agree on a specific moment on which I give you a call to briefly discuss your question. Then you can relax on the bed or couch during the healing. Before the session I would like to receive a picture from you – preferably a selfie via whatsapp – that I will use when connecting to my guide and team.

Also during a distance healing people experience all sorts of sensations and often a deep relaxation. Often clients tell me they could feel exactly when the session started and ended. The energy changes immediately. The healing itself usually takes an hour.

Afterwards I will call you again to discuss what you’ve experienced and what kind of information I have received. I will record the entire session for you so afterwards you can relisten to what the ET’s have said and done.

The entire session usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours in total. If it is the first time you receive a distance healing from me, I will send you the invoice beforehand via email so this can be taken care of before we start the session.

Would you like to know more?

If you’d like to know more about our ET friends and their fascinating work, I can highly recommend reading the book by Adrian Dvir. He was IT specialist for the Israeli army when – in 1994 – the ET’s contacted him and they started giving healings together. He describes his experiences and their telepathic communications very clearly in his book ‘X3. Healing Entities and Aliens’. Besides in Israel, the ET’s have by now launched several ‘clinics’ over the world including in the US, Australia, Denmark, the UK and The Netherlands.


Please contact me through the Contact Form if you have any questions or if you would like to book a session.
You can also text me via WhatsApp on +31 6 41266114.

Looking forward to meeting you 🙂 !

About me

Looking forward to meet you ❤

I am Esther van den Wildenberg. Since I was a child I felt the desire to “help people” as I used to call it back then. That’s why I chose to study Psychology. After getting my PhD in addiction research at Maastricht University I worked for several years as an alcohol policy advisor at the Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy. At the age of 34 I entered an intense health crisis: years of chronic stress and work overload – in combination with my endless perfectionism 😉 – caused my body to be burned-out. It took me 2,5 years to fully recover and participate in life again. This has been a valuable time for me in which I was able to turn my previously busy life around and come back to my innate passion to contribute to the ‘bigger whole’ by working with people and supporting them in their healing process. My own health struggles and path to healing inspired me to be a light for others as well.

By now I view my passion to “help people” from a more equivalent perspective. I can be your guide to improved health and happiness, but we do this together: You, Me and the Universe.

When the ET’s crossed my path, it felt like coming home again. I feel very grateful that I can be a channel for these beautiful energies and support you and others on your path to healing and well being.

My ‘Healing Toolkit’ consists of a variety of courses, trainings and workshops that you will find below:

Healing and Channeling
  • ET Healing | Haggai Katz
  • Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner Programme® | dr. Eric Pearl
  • AuraTouch® 2-year Professional Aurahealer Education | Nederlof Centrum
  • Workshop Trance Medium | Xander van der Zijden, Lo Rig
  • Shin-Do® (Ki) Training | Nederlof Centrum
  • The Resilience Advantage | Institute of HeartMath (‘Heartfulness‘)
  • Polarity Therapy 3-week Professional Training in Energy Medicine | Bruce Berger
  • Crystal Healing | Nadia Petrova, Therapy Center Flower House
  • Seminars by e.g. dr. Bruce Lipton, dr. Joe Dispenza and Lynne McTaggert
  • Soul Body Fusion® | Marij Koster, Groeiend BewustZijn & Jonette Crowley
  • MARK Intensives and Channelings – Jonette Crowley
  • Munay Ki – the 13th rite: De Rite of the Womb | Ursula Aerts, Definest
  • Aura Clearing Training | Chintamania
  • Healing Training | Yvonne Vruggink en Xander van der Zijden, Lo Rig
Yoga and Breathwork
  • Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner | Ursula Aerts, Definest
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training Modules I, II en III | Yoga4U, BIVAG
  • Yoga Teacher Training ‘Yoga as Therapy’ | Ashley Ludman, Villa Sumaya, Guatemala [officially certified by the Yoga Alliance]
  • Shanti Yoga private training course | Paola Caire, Guatemala
  • Holotropic Breathwork | Ashley Ludman
  • Kriya Yoga initiation | Kriya Yoga Meditation Center, Sterksel
  • Yoga Nidra | Barbara Kundig, Yoga Moves
  • Years of practice of several different yoga styles e.g. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Iyengar, Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • Mindfulness Training | Ad de Regt
  • Cell awareness meditations | Judith van den Heuvel
  • Flower of Life® workshop | Maria Lagou, A.N.I.K. Consultancy & Training
  • Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop (ATIH®) | Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Vipassana 10-day Meditation Course| Dhamma Sumeru, Switzerland
  • Cacao Ceremonies | Cacao Shaman Keith, Guatemala
  • Full Body Massage Intensive | Ito Morales, East West Center, Guatemala
  • Shiatsu Intensive | Nadia Petrova, Therapy Center Flower House, Guatemala
  • Thai Yoga Massage | Ashley Ludman, Villa Sumaya, Guatemala
  • Psychology | Maastricht University (Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology & Psychopathology)
  • Parapsychology | LOI Course
  • PhD in Experimental Psychology | Maastricht University (Dissertation: ‘Cognitive and Biological Individual Differences in Problematic Alcohol Use’)