Blog 3: Homesick for Ancient Egypt 16/1/23

What happens to us when we travel back in time? We can get touched… We can get touched by words, images, sacredness, visions, portraits, feelings etc. We get touched by Remembrance of something. Something deep, hiding or hidden inside ourselves.

Sometimes we get touched by something and we have no clue what really touched us, or why. Is that okay? Of course 🙂 That’s totally fine. We don’t always have to know.

Today we got touched. We read about an upcoming spiritual sacred journey to Egypt… Something similar to what we organized last year. All Images popped up…..The feelings of overwhelm in Egypt returned. The feeling of being Homesick (‘Heimwee’) started to come to the surface. Homesick for a sacred land that didn’t feel so sacred to us anymore when we were there last year… Homesick for long (lost?) or forgotten times of the past where we have served many times as healer, Wounded One or Sacred  One.

Healers and co-existing travelers are gladly joining to Egypt, the land of our Ancient home. How come Egypt has served so many of us? It has been the Birthing place of Humanity’s Race. Many Starships are still present there or a continues basis. They still serve Humanity’s Race in rising, again. Many signs and signals are there, in the hieroglyph carvings, in the majesticy of the Temples and Pyramids, in the 30 m Tall obelisks cut from 1 piece of granite weighing 340 tons and being transported 200 km from Aswan to Luxor on “imaginary boats” that have never been found…

The perplexity that we experienced, both as Higher Self (Anand Devi) as well as our Avatar (Esther) was huge. Egypt… our Sacred Mother and Father… Were we allowed to find her there?  Yes and No.

Perplex we were to find out meditation is by law forbidden in Egypt (since the Arabic spring). We tried to negate this rule and sometimes  it worked, mostly it did not. Payments (“baksjisj”) to so called guards/security people are standard at all the Temples if you want to sit quietly for a moment with your eyes closed. Some Guards still feel the sacredness of these places, they have a true heart and simply try to feed their families. Others seemed to have lost the true connection to the holy places they are supposed to serve.

Egypt… Ancient, Sacred Egypt, I wish you come back fully to our Heart. My wish, as Anand Devi, is that my Avatar Esther recognizes her true Egyptian potential. We’ve downloaded many parts of ourselves while here. They are still integrating… This takes time. We take that time.

No more hiding, no more phantasies about Ancient Times… The Times are returning. Returning Home means allowing your own full potential to reside in your body. Anand Devi knows this very well and she sets steps back down every single day. Ancient, Sacred Egypt resides already in our heart. She is coming Home, fully into our physical shell. Ancient Egypt is coming Home.

This is what the feeling of being “Homesick” is really about. Can we allow our True Selves to be fully embodied, here and now? The answer is YES! Allow yourself to travel back in time, collect hurt or wounded aspects. Allow your Grandiosity to return.

Home is inside yourself. You are Home.

Blessings & Namasté,

Esther Anand Devi