BLOG: Is the gift of Telepathy returning to Human Consciousness? (3/5/24)

Once upon a time humans could speak without audible sound: Telepathy. This is a long lost quality that is slowly but surely returning home.

One of the things needed for this is the return of in-audible, ultrasonic ‘sound’. This pre-Source Essence belongs to the pre-Creation field where Sound & Light did not yet exist.

Telepathy is carried by this exact quality. After downloading itself into the Human Ether Field she carries herself forwards by means of Light and Sound. Light pulses itself into matter in the ‘form’ of inaudible and audible sound. Sound equals matter in its lightest form and solidifies into tangible matter.

May we investigate together how to pulse telepathy around the Globe again?

Currents of Unity Consciousness are pulsing, moving, creating & bonding fields of Unity within one person more and more. How many of us are needed to find our way into telepathy again?

Sometimes many. Sometimes only a few launch extra activity.

This is (apparently 😊) what my dear friend DanaGita – cosmic singer & vocal teacher – and myself (IsEs) were allowed to activate at Stromboli last week (end of April).

DanaGita & Esther on Stromboli with the volcano in the background.

The Stromboli is the most frequently active volcano in the world! Every 20 min she (normally 😉) shows her power and beauty with an amazing lava eruption. This rhythm has been like this for many years now.

DanaGita and myself were invited to download into her sacred grids the quality of in-audible ultrasonic sound, carrying pre-Creational Essence. We did this together with many helping hands of our ET Mantid & Arcturian friends and several of their spacecraft that were localized around the crater, not above 😉.

They upgraded the ether bodies and deep internals of this massive volcano while we travelled hiiigghhh up in our columns of light – using our voices and high-pitched tones, then rising beyond, touching the place of in-audible sound and bringing its quality down to anchor it. Working with in-audible sound is truly one of DanaGita’s great gifts and there is not (yet) many on this globe who work so consciously with it, the Mantids said…

A volcano being a huge active and open portal deep into Inner Earth allows for grand creations to follow-up upon…

The night after our Descension of Ultrasonic Energy Ceremony into the Stromboli she was active as never before. Coincidence, or… 😉? Constant sprouting of lava streams we were allowed to witness coming from a small extra ‘cone’ that had been created on the side of the main crater. The explosions and eruptions were truly amazing to observe. Constant fireworks of deep orange glow in the dark. Such a fantastic spectacle of light and sound! Her rumbling and roaring elements remind of a big hungry belly deep in the Earth.

She is so alive!

NB: this picture is from internet, from another time, just to give an impression of what it was like.

Mantids were there also at that time serving the work we had previously started. I saw one of them at work, a huge and kind being, so dedicated to its weaving work. Hundreds of them were gridding her internals, facilitating the in-audible, pre-Source Essence inside her grids, launching a pulse to the further awakening of Humanity.

Will we see this effect right away? Yes & No.

Pay attention, the next few months to come: how often do you think of something or someone and it manifests? How often do you ‘read’ someone’s thoughts without consciously asking for that? How often do you sense you just ‘know’ something you actually couldn’t know..?

These telepathic qualities are rising in the next few months. The Collective Gridlines are being touched by in-audible sound every day. From now on this travels through and amplifies the grids for Ascension effortlessly.

Will DanaGita still need to return to Stromboli? Yes & No 😊. The work that was ahead of her for many many years has been done. The groups she will bring will continue this path. The volcano is a portal bridging all dimensions into one big field of Love. This quality will be brought back to us all on a deeper level when a large, loving group joins her and does the co-joining work again.

Love & in-audible sound create new qualities for the New Earth to rise.

Join her please, if you feel this is your calling 😊

It took her 30 years to come to Stromboli. The Guidance & Calling were there all along, without fully understanding why. This was the moment. Telepathy – and partial Telekinesis – are returning to the Collective Human Consciousness.

See the Stromboli eruption to the left and the large ‘sciara’ – solidified lava desert slope – to the right (picture made by Esther).

Will the volcano remain as active as she was? Yes & No. Our fabulous hiking guide Giuseppe who took us up there for a long hike after our energy work was ‘done’ said he had not seen this activity in 4 years’ time, it was his most beautiful evening there! It may have truly been a very special occasion for all of us to be witness of…

The group of Mantids working on the volcano were so ecstatic afterwards they called themselves “orgastic” which is quite something for an Insectoid Race 😉. They even took a full day off from their cosmic work to enjoy the afterglow…

The Mantids will continue serving the Stromboli volcano. Amplifying her field and auric unity in case it is needed. Permission to work with and on her has been ‘granted’ by the kind human vessels DanaGita and IsEs. This remains of utmost importance.

Are humans really ready to receive their grander awakened qualities e.g. telepathy once again? It seems so. The time is right. Humans are rising into ancient holy gifts of unity once again.

Allow the quality of telepathy to find you. Adjust your brain to become more quantum. Allow chances and synchronicities to find you in the right moment.

The Stromboli? After the events DanaGita had a clear vision: she saw the volcano had changed into a fully crystallin nature reaching deep into Mother Gaia  where it effulges with Bright White Light – Shamballa or Christ Consciousness. Mantids confirmed that her energetic structure indeed has changed for good and that this pure white light is there for us to experience on the surface.

Our dear volcano will be active on the material and subtle energy levels as never before. Our ET friends indicated it is highly likely she will also start to attract more light-workers and healers to do similar energy work on the powerful light grids in the huge portal that she is…

We all love you so dear for the (telepathic 😉) communication with you that will increase over time.

Mantids, Arcturians and other Star Races greet you!

We all reside in Unity.


Channeled by IsEs in co creation with the Mantids, Arcturians & DanaGita.

PS: if you are interested and/or called to work with in-audible sound and serve in activating the grids with this – wherever you go 😊 – please contact DanaGita at: or

You are also kindly invited to WATCH THE REPLAY of our Ultrasonic Sound Activation & Shamanic Journey into the Stromboli Volcano from Sunday 26 May 😊.

IsEs & DanaGita preparing for the hike up the volcano where we did our Ultrasonic Essence Downloads together with the Mantids & Arcturians ❤️!