Supersonic Sound Activation & Shamanic Journey into Stromboli (26 May 2024))




Do you wish to connect more with the high dimensional qualities high up in your column of light? 

Touch upon something called in-audible sound or ultrasound…? That awakens the quality of Telepathy again..?

In this Channeling & Activation Event you will be able to receive a beautiful upgrade fitting with this time! 

This Zoom Event took place on Sunday 26 May in cooperation with my dear friend and cosmic singer DanaGita with whom I made an amazing journey to the Stromboli volcano…

It turned out to be a Lightworkers journey that had long been planned for…! 

It is a very fitting event for healers, light-workers, singers, sound healers and all those who want to connect with higher dimensions and upgrade their column of light to the next level 😊🎶✨

If you are curious to read more, check out my recent blog on our special journey to the Stromboli volcano where we worked together with the Mantids & Arcturians on upgrading the volcano (mega portal!) to allow for the gift of Telepathy to find its way again through the Earth Grids… whoww..!

Soo exciting to share all of this with you!

Of course – as always – the energies are nicely embedded in the REPLAY, as if you’re there 😊!


  • Duration approx 1.30 hour.
  • Ticket price: €18
  • This event is in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).
  • The ZOOM video REPLAY link will be sent to you after your booking. Please make sure to check your spam folder and fill out a correct email address 😉

With so much Love, Light & in-audible Greetings 😉,

IsEs, DanaGita, our Star Family & of course… the great potal: Stromboli volcano..!