STAR: Shifting Timelines towards PEACE | 21/10/23

A Message from STAR 😊

Om Shanti Om!

Every time we sing a song we open our heart to a new reality. This reality is called: Love… Unity… Amongst each other… Open… Heart Field…, etc..

It opens us up to a new reality that in fact is very ancient and old. It’s Unity Consciousness. This reality opens up when we sing and dedicate ourselves to a higher vibration.

Can we call that ‘jumping’ or ‘shifting’ timelines? In essence this is correct. We make a micro jump and decide to sing in order to open our closed heart or wounded heart again.

This jumping of timelines can be done too on a larger, macro scale. The cosmos is very familiar with jumps of timelines. Quantum jumps in fact. They indicate a new line of ‘reasoning’ or action. A new way of living, a new approach or take on things.

Mostly these days beings in the cosmos are jumping timelines from ‘Dark & Constricted’ to ‘Light & Openhearted’. From lower, un-nourishing vibrations e.g. fear, anger and aggression to uncaused joy, love & blissfulness.

The timelines can cross sometimes making one wobbly and doubtful. That is normal when timelines are in transition. Before they can fully stabilize they need something in particular. A field of PEACE. Utter, deep, calm peace. A feeling of deep Trust & Surrender that the outcome has already been established.

It’s already done, we just need to allow the outcome to unfold in due time.

Let us all SEE it happening. The Outcome = Peace. Deep, utter Calmness. Connection & Reverence between and for each other & our Planet Earth. We are worthy of shifting timelines completely. No more Dark versus Light. The ‘end game’ is in the Light. No more masquerades. All is welcome. Dark opens up in the Light. Shifting lines of light massively into a higher cosmic place called Unity.

Unity between Dark & Light. This is what generates a Quantum Shift in Timelines.

Allow it to happen.

As above, so below.

Allow your own Dark to surface.

Be angry.

Feel sad.

Allow feelings of overwhelm.

Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Welcome in my Light.

The light of my Soul.

The light of the Dark.

It comes home into Unity.

Dark & Light. Finally Unite.

The Field is opening up once again to Peace….

It is the end of a game…

A lives long game.

Endings are usually happy.

This one will be Blissful.

Ending in Unity is shifting timelines once and for all.

Are you with us?

Do you see and sense her?

Peace Within = Peace Without.



I love you so dear.

STAR has spoken her first words like this 😊.


STAR & Mom

21 Oct 2023