Blog 2: See, Smile, Breathe and…. Let go! 09/01/23

Here we speak, as a Higher Self, called Anand Devi, Goddess of Blissfulness. Are we always in Bliss..? I doubt it 🙂 As a Higher Self I observe many waveforms passing through during the day (and even the night 🙂). As a Higher Self I always try to connect ‘us’ as swiftly as I can to this place again. This place of Inner Wisdom, Inner Calm, Inner Peace. The Truthfulness of our existence, called our Soul. 

As a Higher Self I love to explain how I guide my dear ‘Avatar’ Esther back to a place of Blissfulness… How to turn the tides when we get trapped into our own Drama, into Old Programs (O.P.’s 🙂) and old or stuck emotions or thoughtforms that don’t seem to leave our bodies immediately. How? We call this the Blissful Pathway of Seeing it – Tuning into it – Feeling it – Smiling at it – Breathing a few times deeply in and out and… There it goes! We go faster and faster through this loop these days. 

Acknowledge the Drama, the Story, the Incident, the Thought, the currents running through our bodies, the Pain, the etc. etc. etc… Acknowledging it is the first step. Becoming aware that we get trapped in stuck patterns (O.P.’s 🙂). Every time we learn to do this, we get to know ourselves better. We see how we have become in life by certain conditionings from the past (“I better work hard, then I deserve to be here” or “I need to belong to a group otherwise I might die and perish”). 

Rather deep can these convictions and conditionings be. How come? They have served our survival. And this is exactly why we can form a bond, a pact with these patterns (O.P.’s 🙂). Instead of trying to negate, fight or eliminate them. They have served us many times in the past (e.g. by working hard we gained status or compliments or a good job, money, appreciation from parents & friends. By making many (too many?) friends, we made sure we would never be alone and therefore always have a chance to ‘survive’). They have formed us in good ways, not just disturbing ways. This is why we don’t have to delete Old Programs (O.P.’s 🙂) completely. They are okay to run somewhere in the background, to give us a feeling of so-called ‘safety’. 

Is it ok to not be run by our Old Programs (O.P.’s 🙂)? Yes 🙂! That’s exactly what Anand Devi likes to share today. See them. Feel them. Acknowledge them. Honor them. Thank them. Sit with them. Smile at them. Breathe through them… And another few times. And then… see what happens. See where you’re at. How does it feel to be okay with the you that always “worked hard” or always “wanted to belong”? How is it to befriend You with You instead of fighting with her?

See. Smile. Breathe. Let go… This is all it takes, being with you in the here and now, honoring the you that you have become. As Anand Devi I have a great time these days. My Avatar Esther loves to see herself, smile and breathe. The part of letting go is in process.

We smile at that 😉

Blessings & Namasté,

Esther Anand Devi