Blog 1: My Inner Toe 10/12/22

Is it true that we sometimes ‘attract’ certain events, illnesses and people into our lives? What ‘governs’ these? I believe we are creators of our lives, consciously or subconsciously. Lately I was fairly overwhelmed. My brain indicated ‘over-prickledness’, over sensitization. I needed more rest. How to create that for myself? I manifest a journey to Egypt, get more overprickled and have to take real rest. Still, I try to balance, I give a healing here, an event and channeling there… Did I come to a real full rest…? Not yet…

I ‘blow’ my channel during an event and my Nommos guides suggest a 5 hour operation in which they change my Channeling Device (an egg shaped etheric device in my pineal gland) from M to XXL. What a great plan! The OP went well. I need 3-4 days of full rest, with no screen time. Great! Rest seems to have arrived. Or not…? 

I went to the bathroom last night. In the dark. I always switch on a little light, but I know the way… Don’t I…? On the way back I severely hit my little (left) toe to the door pane. Auch!! That feels really off and painful! I switch on the light. My toe looks to the left instead of aligned with my other toes. Is it broken…? In bed again after some painful moves. I ask my Higher Self what’s going on. She says: “I don’t mean to hurt you, but sometimes we need to really go inside. Resting well is great, but going deeper inside is needed. Let’s look at our Inner Toe and feel the bottom of our body. Do we connect with her from a true connective perspective or from a “fixing, I need to be more grounded perspective”?”

The answer is clear to me… I know grounding is not my ‘best’ part… I love to float to higher realms, connect with all the guides & light beings there.. Really being grounded… On Earth…? I’m still learning… Thank you to my Inner Toe, for serving me the opposite of an overprickled head. I’m allowed to sink my energies downwards. To slow down. Come to a rest.

If it’s broken or not doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. It’s time to rest and feel within.

Thank you to my dear little Inner Toe… <3 

Blessings & Namasté,

Esther Anand Devi