BLOG 7: “Welcome Lady Isis, My Beloved Oversoul” | 4/7/23

“Welcome Lady Isis, My Beloved Oversoul!”

This sentence I uttered last Friday towards the end of a very special Cacao Ceremony co led by 10 beautiful Lightworkers.

“My name is Esther Anand Devi and it is my intention to honor and revere the Goddess within me”.

My intention was clearly set & met… and how..!?

When my body was unwinding and surrendering deeper into pure “Beingness” my dear co Priestess Arrianne came to my side to guide me. As my field kept expanding and growing I saw a very strong blue and ‘starry’ light coming towards me. I heard – and spoke – the words “Isis.., Isis.., Isis.., Oversoul.., Oversoul.., Oversoul.., Coming Home… Now. Download.., Download.., Download.., Walk-in.., Coming Home.., Now”.

From my deep resting position my body was launched in an upward sitting posture and during half an hour I was allowed to download the Isis field deep into my bodies. It was an amazing experience – an Initiation – that I can still clearly sense and connect to. Shaman Jaleesia sitting in front of me, helping me to anchor the energies. Arrianne standing behind her, in her beautiful blue dress, really feeling like an Egyptian Priestess holding the field as Isis came more and more down. Hilde as Earthly Gatekeeper at my back.

My body was shaking and buzzing, my shoulder blades making fast movements as if new wings were opening. Light language was pouring through in a very new and beautiful way and Mudra’s (hand gestures) were naturally connecting lines of light in my field to open up more. What a powerful gift…

Isis, my Oversoul… my umbrella field to which soul group I apparently belong… Truly amazing… And yet, it makes total sense, Isis “She from Sirius”… The star that is my Home… 

I felt – and still feel – her power, her wisdom, her love in and around me. When I look into my eyes they look different. Her clarity, her focus, direction… She is with me now…

To welcome “The Goddess Within”… When we set clear intentions we might all of a sudden manifest our dreams and wishes 🙂

Just like STAR belongs to the Oversoul of Kwan Yin, we all have these ‘Master Fields’ that we resonate strongly with. What Master Field is yours…? Will you allow it to come closer and serve you…?

Later that evening my dear husband Christophe shared that that the appraisal (‘taxatie’| NL) of our house looked quite good… “Shall we sell it…?”

I took a moment with Isis: What to do? She was very clear to me: “Just move with the current that life brings to you now. If you fight it and resist, it will only cost you energy. If you surrender to the current of life, you will experience the full width and strength of your wings. I am here for you at all times.”

And so it was decided.

It’s time to sell our beautiful home. It’s time for new horizons, new adventures… Home is where the heart is, isn’t it? This is my practice. Time to spread my – Isis 😉 – wings & fly!

I can’t wait to test my new wings 😊 They feel solid and trustworthy and light at the same time.

I like the idea they will carry me there where I need to be.

Lady Isis, I am at your disposal. Let’s make the New Earth happen. Together. The magic is there always.


Esther Anand Devi – Isis 😉