Spiritual Journey to Malta – Megalithic Sites & Temples – 4 Oct 2024

4 oktober 2024 08:00
12 oktober 2024 12:00



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Filled with enthusiasm & joy Lex & Esther like to invite you to our next multiD adventure, the magical Island of Malta… 😊! Will you join us in October…? 

We will:

  • Visit the main megalitic temples and sites (e.g. Hagar Qim & Mnajdra; oriented towards… the star Sirius!).
  • Visit several Caves and underground Temples (e.g. Hypogeum, Wardija Punic, Mixta Cave & Ghar Dalam).
  • Connect with the Giants who co created the Temples 😊.
  • Do powerful Energywork in a group of Lightworkers (e.g. Reactivating a Galactic Node underneath Ggantija Temple).
  • Do daily Healing/Energy/Sharing/Singing Circles to invite our Divine blueprint (or Goldprint 😊💛) home.
  • Daily Channelings by Esther on all the hot-spots guided by the Field and what is allowed to occur.
  • Connect with Goddess Ashtatara, the Mother Goddess of Lemuria and later Atlantis, who already welcomed us in a spontaneous channeling inviting us Gods & Goddesses back home… (Read more on Ashtatara in a previous channeling by Jonette Crowley). Listen to Ashtatara’s message channeled by Esther here (20 Dec 2023).
  • Connect with the Atlantians who came by with a cry for help since they are still stuck since the Fall of Human Consciousness. They ask for forgiveness and support in setting them free, opening up to the rise in consciousness once again. They are awaiting us in Malta for further connection…
  • Build Crystal Grids on the spot where we are guided to open portals and anchor high dimensional light on this Earth.
  • Have a 5-day retreat at the more quiet Island of Gozo, to visit more sacred temples (e.g. Ggantija).
  • Stay in 3 different locations (2 on Malta & 1 on Gozo either with a swimming pool or at the beach).
  • Enjoy delicious vegetarian & vegan food… 🙂
  • And so much more…

This journey is about (re)connecting with our Divine Masculine & Feminine and integrating them, to allow the God & Goddess within to return 💛

Transcending Duality and moving into Unity….

It’s also about becoming more visible, like a Giant… Just taking in your space and being present… in Kindness…

And of course it’s about doing the Lightwork we are guided to do to serve the Ascension..!


  • All lodging in beautiful villa’s/farmhouses with a swimming pool (Talbot & Bons on Malta resp. Soluna at Gozo) and spacious hotel at the beach in Birzebugga (Water’s Edge).
  • Almost all food (except for 1 private dinner in Marsaxlokk and some snacks along the way). On Gozo we have a private chef who will create Heaven on Earth for us :).
  • All transport, from and to the airport, from and to Gozo Island, ferry etc.
  • All tickets and entrance fees at all Temples & Caves.
  • All group Lightwork, Channelings, Healing & Singing Circles.
  • Guidance from our local Maltese Giant Gian(t)Luca! 😍


  • Your flight from and to Valletta Airport, Malta (Flights from NL-Malta are relatively cheap, approx €250)
  • 1 Dinner on Oct 10 to be freely picked by yourself around Birzebbuga/at the beach
  • Entrance Ninu’s Cave (private) – donation based
  • Any taxi costs on your free day (8 Oct), e.g. to go to the Blue Lagoon on Comino Island (€13 for tour)
  • Any additional expenses on small gifts or snacks

Practical info:

  • Flight time is 3 hours (flying in on Fri 4 Oct to Valletta, and out on Sat 12 Oct from Valletta, unless you plan to stay longer on this magical island… 😉).
  • We will stay in 3 different locations from where we undertake our joint travels to the sacred sites: 3-4 Oct on Malta (Talbot & Bons), 4-10 Oct on Gozo Island (Farmhouse Soluna), 10-12 Oct Birzebbuga, Malta (Water’s Edge Hotel). All spots have acces to amazing swimming pools or are situated at the beach.
  • The first 6 nights are in shared rooms, the last 2 nights are in private rooms.
  • There is place for 2 people to also have a private room the first night and a bit more luxurious shared room during the 5 nights on Gozo, this costs €111 more).
  • Bring your crystals, also upon request of the Atlantians.
  • Bring your instruments (drum, ratles, guitar, etc) 😊!
  • The group size is max 13 (including Lex, Esther & GianLuca) so we all fit in one retreat house on Gozo Island (10/10 tickets are SOLD; THIS JOURNEY IS FULLY BOOKED).
  • 1-on-1 ET Healing sessions can be booked additionally with the co travelling Healers.


PRICE & full Travel Itinerary: 

The price for this Magical Megalithic Journey is: €1.888.

NB: 2 people can have a private room the first night and a bit more luxurious shared room at Gozo Island (5 nights), this costs €1.999 (so €111 more). If you like this, please let us know.

Here you will soon find our Travel Itinerary for MALTA & GOZO 2024!

If you feel a calling and want to sign up, please contact us through the Contactform.


A little more background about us:

About Esther: Esther sees herself as a bridge between dimensions. As a Channel & ET Healer she works on all layers of your Being. With her Star Family from Sirius B and other star races she brings healing, love, humor and information that can support you in your unique path of growth. In 2023 her Oversoul Isis started to download herself into her body, an ongoing process that connects her on a deeper and deeper level with the Divine Feminine within. Esther is grateful to have been guiding many magical journeys to the Bosnian Pyramids and Egypt. Malta will be a next multiD adventure 😊. Esthers way of working is based on equality – we all co create the magic and healing – and she loves to hold space for people to be fully themselves so they can thrive. Words that fit her well are: open, joy, light, multidimensional and presence.

About Lex: Lex is an ET Healer who uses Light Language extensively. He also uses pressure points on the physical body and activates throughout all light bodies. Light Language can be felt as the language of the Soul. It is pure, activating, healing and opens because it is in direct contact with Source. It is love translated into sound. It is geometry translated into sound. His light language sounds were opened after visiting temples in Egypt and the pyramids in Bosnia. Lex gives his healings and activations together with Njarda, his light child of Lyra and also a guide. Lex has a deep inner feeling and inner knowing that the power places and temples on Malta are special for humanity and the Earth and play an important role in the Ascension.  Therefore this journey with lightworkers to temples that are connected to other power places here on Earth. We will serve to reactivate them.


Ashtatara’s welcoming message (channeled by Esther 20 Dec 2023 – in Dutch):


Read more about the Maltese Temples & the Star Sirius? 

Check out the book: “Sirius, the Star of the Maltese Temples“.