Egypt Initiation Journey 2024

13 november 2024 07:00
21 november 2024 17:00


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Do you feel a Calling to get re-initiated at the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt..? The place where many of us have served before…

Join us on this amazing journey where we will receive Initiations in the Pyramids and have Integration time at the Red Sea, where we will swim with dolphins :)!

Many Lightworkers have been in Egypt in past lives and resonate deeply with the Pyramid Energy…

May the Priestesses & Priests re-awaken again in the New World 🙂

The ET’s, Giants and other Guides will – of course 😉 – be closely by our side on this trip to guide us with Channelings, Healings, Activations & Lightwork!

More details will follow soon 🙂 

General info & price:

General route (9 days in total): 3 days Cairo/Pyramids/Sphinx/ & 3 days Red Sea, 2 travelling days.

  • Wed 13 Nov: Starting date (arrival in Cairo)  
  • Thu 21 Nov: End date (Flying back from Marsa Alam (Red Sea) directly to Amsterdam with TUI, or with stopover for 1 extra night in Cairo if you fly somewhere else)
  • Price: €2.444 (because we love all birds, there is a one-bird rate :))

We will be guided by an amaaazing local guide – Adel – who knows Egypt and the Pyramids very well and has helped us in booking two private visits to the Pyramids  (Great Pyramid & Saqqara) 😊!

It really makes a big difference that we will have quiet time at these powerspots for our private initiations… ✨


  • All hotels in Cairo & Marsa Alam (Red Sea), in a shared room (2 p), including breakfast
  • Private visits to Great Pyramid and Saqqara Pyramid (truly amazing experiences..!) 
  • Local Guidance by Adel, our Qualified Tour Guide
  • Entrance tickets to the Gizeh Plateau, Saqqara, Unas & Serapeum
  • Day excursion to El Fayoum and Wadi el Hitan (Valley/Desert of the Whales 🐋!)
  • Swimming & Connecting with Dolphins at Marsa Alam 🐬
  • Our daily private program of Lightwork, Singing Circles, Healing & Channeling ✨
  • Local bus transfers
  • Participants may offer additional individual or group activities


  • Flight to Cairo (13 Nov) and back from Marsa Alam (21 Nov) and/or Cairo (22 Nov)  (approx €800 from Europe)
  • Entry Visa (25 USD or €30 upon arrival, bring in cash!)
  • Lunches & dinners (fairly cheap; €10-15 on average/day)
  • Tips for service & guidance Adel (± €5-7 pp/day)
  • Tips (‘Bakshish’) for hotels & local meditation time (€60)
  • Some taxi costs to and from airport-hotel (approx €40)

Optional Bookings:

  • Scuba diving Marsa Alam (approx. €50)
  • Beach Buggy Safari & Camel Ride Marsa Alam (approx €80)
  • Entrance Great Pyramid (€15)
  • Egyptian Museum Cairo (€25) (e.g. when you stay longer)
  • Citadel/Coptic Quarter/Bazaar in Cairo (€25) (e.g. when you stay longer)
  • 1-personroom (+ € xxx to be announced)


  • Send me a message through the Contact form 🙂
  • You can also join our Telegram group where we share the most recent information!

With so much Love and Ancient Light…,

Esther Isis, Stephanie Ayra, Marie Marowyn, STAR and of course all the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and other guides….!


A litte bit more about us 😊:

About Esther (IsEs): Esther sees herself as a bridge between dimensions. As a Channel & ET Healer she works on all layers of your Being. With her Star Family from Sirius B and other star races she brings healing, love, humor and information that can support you in your unique path of growth. In 2023 her Oversoul Isis started to download herself into her body, an ongoing process that connects her on a deeper and deeper level with the Divine Feminine within. Esther is grateful to have been guiding many magical journeys to the Bosnian Pyramids, Egypt and soon Malta. Esthers way of working is based on equality – we all co create the magic and healing – and she loves to hold space for people to be fully themselves so they can thrive. Words that fit her well are: open, joy, light, multidimensional and presence. I gladly meet you in the magic of Egypt 😊✨!

About Stephanie Ayra: Ayra supports Lightworkers in their personal ascension process as well as the collective ascension process in various ways. In her work she uses her clairvoyance abilities: hearing, seeing, feeling, speaking. Her multidimensional sessions include healing, channeling, regression, inner journeys, astral traveling and reading. She also has her own Multidimensional Courses, Workshops and Circles. She works extensively with many different ET races, including her Andromedan star family. But also Master Serapis Bey, Master Hilarion, various Archangels, Giants, Dragons and many other wonderful light guides from earth and beyond. Words that suit her are unity, equality, connection, love and strength.

About Marie Marowyn: Marie is a Lightbringer. Her mission is to help people experience heaven on Earth. She is a multi-dimensional channel and provides healings, readings, deep healing bodywork and sound healing ceremonies. She works with the goddesses Isis and Sekhmet and with various ET beings. Her cosmic talent for languages ​​and multi-dimensional singing strengthen her work. Words that resonate with her are: compassion, humor, lightness, courage and deep presence.