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EGYPT Information Zoom Call – Wed 3 July

3 juli 2024 20:30
3 juli 2024 22:00




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Hello dear Light Friend,

An amazing adventure might be awaiting you later this year…  Our Initiation Journey to the Egyptian Pyramids, followed by the most amazing Integration Retreat supported by 3 ET Healers & Channels at Marsa Alam, the Red Sea where we will also connect with dolphins ✨🐬😊🙏!

In this 9-day journey we will have two Private Visits to the Great Pyramid of Gizeh resp. Saqqara Pyramid, underground. We will have both pyramids completely to ourselves for 2 hours in a row to receive massive downloads and initiations…

We will also be visiting the Valley of the Whales (Wadi Al-Hitan), an amazing lime stone piece of desert with 40 million year old fossil remains of a now extinct type of whale. It’s called the time “when the whales could walk”, it shows evidence of the transition of the whale from being a land based mammal to ocean-based, whow… 🐋

After these amazing experiences we travel to Marsa Alam at the Red Sea where we will be 3 full days for Healing Circles, Lightwork, Integration, Connecting with Dolphins and that which is allowed to arise…

We feel it will be a powerful group of Lightworkers that will come together on this journey, to re-install our Divine Blue (or Gold ;))prints ✨💛✨.

Do you feel a calling to join…?

We gladly take you along our Travel Itinerary and all your questions regarding this journey in a Zoom Info Call on WEDNESDAY 3 JULY from 20.30-22.00 CEST (GMT +2). 

To receive the link please purchase your ticket here for free. 

Gladly see you on July 3!

With so much Love, Light and Ancient Greetings,

Esther Isis, Stephanie Ayra, Marie Marowyn and of course all the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses that will be there with us…!


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