Video Channeling: From Dark To Light: Meet the Draco’s! (28 Oct 2021)




Are you open to look at your own shadow sides..? And willing to serve other beings who are discovering the light and moving from #DarkToLight? 

Then feel free to check out this Channeled ZOOM Event in which we (re)introduced two Reptilian (Draconian) tribe leaders to you with whom we have been working the past year: Urkanja & Oron!

End of January 2021 we met with Urkanja for the first time in a deeply touching channeling. Urkanja is a Reptilian being from the Draconian Empire. The Reptilian Race has been known for living in/from fear, domination and aggression. Also on Earth their influences are still visible in our pyramidal economic structure with the very select few having almost all money, power and control.

Also with the Draco’s things are starting to shift..! Urkanja and his tribe are discovering Love & Light and how nourishing it can be to live from this place. They’ve never known this in their lineages.. (“a plant that doesn’t grow you can not eat”; “cold belly syndrome”).

An amazing friendship has developed between Urkanja, his tribe (e.g. his partner AlZakYen and some small ones Al-Koh, Anni-Kuh and Markuri) and us Humans. We learn from them about anchoring into our bodies & lower chakra’s and they heal with us by opening their hearts to receive kindness and L.O.V.E. (as Urkanja puts it ;)).

Urkanja says we offered them ‘golden keys’ to reconnect with their light & souls..

It’s such a beautiful process!

After a while Urkanja introduced us to another neighboring tribe leader: Oron. He feels more intense than Urkanja. At the same time they are both very transparent with a hint of (dark ;)) humor.

If you are open to learn more from these beings who have been living in the dark for so long this is your Zoom Event :)!



  • This event is in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).
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