Audio Recording: Meet the Arcturian Star Race (10 Dec 2020)




Are we really alone in this massive Universe (or better, multiverse ;))? For ages we have been supported by majestic Star Races who help us make jumps in our human consciousness. One of the oldest races known to us are the Arcturians. They are said to be the spiritual guardians of our Galaxy.

Since about a year I have been channeling and working with the Arcturians which is a beautiful pleasure.

Do you want to meet the Arcturians and enjoy their high energies and messages? Please enjoy this recording of the online event :)!

There is an intro by my Swiss partner Asar on how we met the Arcturians, followed by a channeled message from our guide Irzalc which includes a few small healing/meditation exercises. After that an Arcturian Council member steps in to share a Q&A.

Note: This recording is in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)) and 1:42 min.