Audio Recording: Light Language Activation & Transmission (11 Nov 2021)




11/11 was a Portal Day :)! We’ve used it’s energetic charge to facilitate another wonderful Light Language Event through Zoom. 

You can find the Audio Recording here (and the Video temporarily).


You may have heard the word ‘Light Language’ before but what does it mean? 

Light Language is channeled cosmic sound that goes beyond the mind. It cannot be understood by the logical mind like normal language. Light Language enters straight into the heart and speaks to the soul. Exposure to light language brings you into a higher vibration. It alters your brain waves (Gamma) and can support you in reawakening parts of your dormant DNA.

Sometimes we feel a threshold to speak openly through our throats. Today’s session will support you in clearing your throat chakras and allowing free sounds (may sound like ‘gibberish’) to pass through. We will also do some free writing exercises to allow symbols to come through.

Savine Tellier was our guest ‘speaker’ (or should I say channeler ;)) who also guided this Activation and Transmission.

In summary, this interactive workshop brings you:

  • Channelings by Esther on Light Language/Cosmic Sound & how to open up to them
  • Light Language Activation and Transmission
  • Exercises to warm up and open your throat to express free sounds
  • Free writing to express sounds in symbols/drawings
  • The opportunity to release old, stuck energies from your throat
  • Stronger alignment between your head and heart since we help to clear the throat
  • A letting go of the often so controlling mind…

Play with Light Language and Liberate yourself! Everything is welcome :)!

If you feel a calling, feel free to watch the REPLAY ❤

Have some water, paper & pencils ready!



  • This event was in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).
  • An autoreply will be sent to you after your booking. Please make sure to check your spam folder and fill out a correct email address 😉
  • A next Light Language Event will be scheduled in 2022.


Want to know more?

Here you can find a nice blog on Light Language!

Also check out the great Light Language work by Sandra de Vos!

Bio of Savine Tellier

Savine loves guiding people back to the joy of being their true self. As an intuitive energy healer she uses light language in her sessions to help clear and heal people from old beliefs and trauma and activate them in their endless potential. For this she works closely with light beings of about 10 different light languages.

More info see: