Audio Recording: Galactic Council Activation on Prana & Breathing (2 Oct 2022)




Dear friends,

What a special times! Since the beginning of 2022 the Elders of the Galactic Council started coming through in frequent visits and channelings. They truly create an amazing field and support us to download high star codes to re-activate our original blueprint.

The Council requested us to organize group events in which every participant receives Personal Activations by Elders from the Star systems of Sirius, the Pleiades and/or Arcturus. And sometimes we have some additional surprise guests… ;)!

This GCA was a SPECIAL EDITION with the topic: Conscious Breathing & Prana Intake.

The Breath is an amazing Ascension Tool and we have actively worked with her tonight 🙂 My personal “Bigu Master” Vivienne shares about the importance of the Breath. We also enjoyed energies from Arcturus and from a very powerful and special guest…!

  • Are you interested in ascending smoothly with the help of your own breath?
  • Would you love to have a “Bigu Master” by your side who can support you with this?

If you feel a resonance, gladly enjoy the Audio (and temporarily the Video!).

With Love, Light, Prana & Star Codes 😉

Esther, Asar, Bigu Master Vivienne & The Elders

PS: “Bigu” is a Daoist fasting technique associated with achieving “transcendence or immortality”. It’s a state where food is no longer needed because you can live on light or prana. There’s a big movement these days of people living more and more on light or prana. 

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Note: This event was in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).