Audio Recording: Dragon Body Activation (1 Oct 2020)




Dragons! Do they really exist…? Or just in fairy tales…? And where do fairy tales come from actually…? 

If anyone would have told me a few years ago I would be working with ETs and Dragons I would have given them a funny look 😉

Nowadays, I have opened up so much towards our multidimensional nature that I can embrace all these loving fields and beings out there.

Would you also like to open up more to new dimensions and activate your Dragon Body/ies? 

Dragons are powerful and very loving beings that can be called upon for energetic support.

In this ZOOM Recording 3 different Dragons will come to you to help you activate your Dragon Body and work & play with them.

Dragons can be called upon for healing & purification of oneself and the environment.  There is many different types of Dragons, the most familiar ones are Earth, Water, Fire and Air Dragons.

As you start working with Dragon Energy more you will sense more empowerment and unconditional love towards All That Is. 

If you like to engage more with the Dragons, this is your place to be!

Note: This recording is in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)). 

PS. Great movie suggestion: How To Train Your Dragon ! Enjoyyy!