Audio Recording: Connecting with Shamballa (21 Feb 2021)




Shambala is a Sanskrit word that means a “place of peace” or a “place of silence.”

Many mystical traditions have a concept of an ideal place on Earth, a region untouched by lower vibrations e.g. fear and anger. A region where only very high vibrations of light, love, peace and unity are present. It’s said to be a place where spiritually highly evolved beings reside. Many believe that this crystalized city is located deep inside the Earth, it’s called Shamballa.

On 31 Oct 2020 I was approached for the first time by a Shamballa Gate Keeper. What an amazing energyfield! After that more contact developed with the Shamballa Core Beings.

The Shamballa Beings clearly indicate the Gates to Shamballa are Open these days! Long times they have kept the energies ‘secluded’ in order to keep them clean and pristine. Now the dimensions on Earth are starting to overlap and come closer, the Gates of Shamballa have opened. They support Humanity in her Ascension Process.

Would you like to meet our friends from Shamballa and start working with the Shamballa Core Beings in your daily life? 

They can support you in keeping your energies high and transforming dark into light (we all go through this process right ;)?!).

If you feel a calling, this audio recording is for you ❤! I channel our Shamballa Core guide Corby1 for you. There was also a beautiful Q&A afterwards. Enjoyy!

Note: This event was in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).