Audio Recording: Connecting with Naturebeings (26 Jan 2021)




Do you believe in ‘fairy tales’? Did you have ‘invisible’ friends when you were a child? 

Where would all those stories come from…?

Some people see nature beings e.g. kobolds and elves and communicate and cooperate with them. You don’t always have to see them in order to communicate with them however.

Would you like to connect with our kobold friend Elvis who we met in a Swiss forest? And a dear Fairy friend? You will learn more about their way of living and how to connect with them 🙂 

In this beautiful audio recording of a previous ZOOM Channeling Event you will meet both our dear kobold and fairy friends!

There was also a lovely Q&A with them.

Enjoy the magic of Nature ❤!

Note: This audio is in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).