Audio Recording: Channeling with Inner Earth Woman Lacerta (21 July 2020)




Have you ever wondered whether there could be life inside the Earth…? 

There’s many stories and books written on this topic of life on other planes of existence in Inner Earth, often referred to as Agartha (continent) and Shamballa (capital).

Approximately 1.5 year ago we contacted Inner Earth Lizard Woman Lacerta, based on profound information we found on her on YouTube.

A beautiful friendship started to evolve…

You can read more on Lacerta in our blog post from Sept 2019.

Lacerta and her tribe love to get more and more into contact with humans. They feel the time is nearing that they will start showing themselves again more and more… The same holds for other Inner Earth civilizations. They support Humanity in her Awakening process.

If you are curious to enjoy a beautiful channeling by Lacerta, this is your chance :)!

She also guides you into a ‘Shamballa’ like space with a Tone Meditation. At the end there is a Q&A and some comments.

Happy Travels.. :)!


PS: Drawing made by Fabienne Meijers in cooperation with Lacerta!