FREE: “Ascension Day” – A Call for Higher Guidance (21 March 2023)



“ASCENSION DAY” 21/03/2023


This amazing livestream event can still be enjoyed (over 12.500 views in 1 day!):

You can find the REPLAYs here 🙂




As people wake up to the situation on planet Earth, there can be feelings of fear, confusion or despair. There is actually no reason for that, because we are resourceful beings with enormous potential and on top of that we are guided and supported by very powerful beings in other dimensions. These beings however, need our consent to step in and help us move forwards to a brighter future.

On the auspicious equinox date of 21/03/2023 (dubbed ‘Heaven’s Cross’) we will tune into these guides and helpers of humanity to specifically ask for their support and guidance.

We will jointly increase our own energy field as well as the ascension field for humanity.

The group of Time Benders that will tap into these higher dimensional beings together with you are:

  • Tijn Touber, Elske Falkena & Esther van den Wildenberg from Holland
  • Nicole de Virgiliis & Asar (Gregor von Drabich) from Switzerland

Please join us for this important FREE Online Event to accelerate the Ascension Process.

I will be channeling Timebender for you that evening as well 🙂

The event will be English and German with translation both ways.

Time: 20.00-21.30 CET (Dutch time | = GMT+1)

To participate, please use one of the following links for the livestream broadcast: 

Thank you very much for joining in :)!

The Ascension Team

Tijn, Elske, Nicole, Asar & Esther


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Note: This event is in English & German (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).