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Spiritual Journey to the Bosnian Pyramids & Tunnels – Apr-May 2023

27 april 2023 07:30
6 mei 2023 23:00



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Join us on this amazing 10-Day MultiD Journey to the Bosnian Pyramid Complex in Visoko!

The Bosnian Pyramids are the oldest and largest pyramids found on Earth thus far, a true powerplace that is awakening more and more..!


  • An Upgrade for your Body
  • Soul Food for your Spirit
  • Connecting with Mother Earth, the Schumann Resonance and other Dimensions..!

Every day we will be visiting another hotspot (Pyramids of Sun, Moon, Dragon, the Tumulus and of course, The Ravne Tunnels!). We will meditate, chant, drum, do healing work for ourselves and of course for Mother Earth. Everywhere we go I will channel the multidimensional beings for you who live in the complex. And of course our multiD daughter Star will join us and sing with/for us the most beautiful heartfelt little lyrics… ❤

It is such an amazing place… Every day will be another magical surprise.. :)!

We will travel to Visoko 3 times this year:

  • 27 April – 6 May (10 days)
  • 19-27 May (9 days)
  • 15-23 Sept (9 days)

Price: €1.277 for 9 days and €1.333 for 10 days 

  • This includes accommodation, all food, local transport and fees. It is excluding your flight and souvenirs 🙂
  • This journey has place for max. 5-6 people.
  • More information, see our flyer: Bosnia 2023

Note: if you are interested, please contact me also in case you are interested to come on the waiting list. We plan to go every year at least 2 times 🙂

Intrigued? Watch this 35 min documentary on the Bosnian Pyramid Complex!