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Inner Harmony with Quan Yin & Crystal Singing Bowls

22 oktober 2020 20:00
22 oktober 2020 21:15


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Let yourself be taken onto a magical journey of Crystal Sounds and energies from beloved Master Quan Yin!

Tonight will be a beautiful co-creation with Michaela Kress who plays the Crystal Singing Bowls for you!

Before Esther will invite beloved Master Quan Yin – the Goddess of Compassion – we use the power of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to get into a meditative and receptive state. Michaela will take you on a sound journey of about 15 minutes.

The Bowls are made of pure, ethically mined quartz blended with crystals, precious gemstones, minerals and precious metals. Exposing ourselves to the pure, soothing and highly resonant vibrations of the Alchemy Bowls leads to a deep relaxation, our brain waves get entrained by the sound waves of the bowls into a silent and meditative state.

Beloved Master Quan Yin will guide us into a meditation and after that there is room for Q&A with her. After she leaves us we let ourselves again be immersed by the pure sounds of the Crystal Bowls. This will give us the opportunity to assimilate the channelled messages and let them sink into our being.

A Sound Bath can have most profound effects on our physical, emotional and mental state and the effects and reverberations of the healing sounds last until long after the bath.

Make sure to drink enough water afterwards 🙂

About Michaela

Michaela, Berlin-born and currently living in The Netherlands, has more than 20-year experience in Top HR Management positions as well as in meditation, yoga and healing. Last year she leapt and went fully for a self-employed life form with the Alchemy Crystal Bowls standing central.

Note: This event will be in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)). A Zoom link will be sent to you after your booking. The recording will also be made available afterwards, keep an eye on your e-mail (and spam folder) for this. 

Suggestion: have some earplugs available to enjoy the deeply relaxing sounds even better! We make sure the audio quality is great so you won’t have to miss sound 🙂