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Inner Earth Journey & Channeling – 11 Dec

11 december 2022 20:30
11 december 2022 22:00


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Curious about life in Inner Earth…?

This ZOOM Event will take you on a Shamanic Journey into Inner Earth… Who will you meet? What will you experience?

After the journey I will channel some of our Inner Earth friends for you (maybe our Lemurian friends, maybe our sweet Lizard tribe… and maybe new friends come to the surface, you never know.. ;))

The Event is on Sunday 11 Dec at 20.30 CET (Dutch time | = GMT+1). Duration approx 1.30 hour.

Do you attend as a couple? Then you can choose to buy 1 or 2 tickets depending on your financial situation and what feels appropriate for you 🙂

If you feel a resonance, gladly see you there.

With Love, Light & deep Inner Earth wishes…

Esther, Asar, STAR and our inner Earth friends

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  • This event is in English (of course the energies are universal and multidimensional ;)).
  • A ZOOM link will be sent to you after your booking. Please make sure to check your spam folder and fill out a correct email address 😉
  • A REPLAY link will be sent to you a few days after the event through email.